Air Raid This is Not a Drill!

Air Raid This is Not a Drill! 1.0

It's a action war simulation game with realistic 3D battle simulation
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Made by KIDDIES, Inc.

Realistic 3D battle simulation game that features stunning epic cinematic introduction that thrusts players into the adrenaline-pumping, action packed world of a World War II battleship under enemy fire. The gamer finds himself stationed behind the awesome firepower of a 40mm Anti-Aircraft fixed deck gun on the bow of a battleship reminiscent of the famed U.S.S. Missouri. Your mission is to blast away at the endless onslaught of enemy attackers hell bent on sinking your battleship.
Main features :
- Ship-to-air defensive battle station Different
- dramatic battle background
- Supports Single and Multiplayer option
- Time Attack Mode with difficulty levels
- Survival Mode with difficulty levels
- 45 New Missions
- New enemies: Kamikaze, Submarines, etc.
- WWII era classified armaments and radar
- Progressive missions
- Realistic battle sounds effects Easy play controls

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